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Buyer - D'Ambrosio Dr, Barrie Tasha..2014

As a first time home buyer there were many steps and things I needed to learn along the way.  Sue was dependable, honest and very helpful inthe process.  The experience was greatly appreciated. If I have the opportunity I would definately recommend their service...Tasha

Seller - 24 Highcroft Rd, Barrie -S Morton 2014

Referral from Neighbour. In every respect you both went above & beyond. I felt a very welcome peace of mind knowing you were on top of things. From a distance this was very important. I would absoluely recommend your services. It was a positive experience in every respect. Very Competent, knowledgeable, kind and caring.

Buyer - Oren Blvd, Barrie - C. Spencer, Barrie 2014

Met Sue at an open house. I felt Sue to be very helpful, she gave great advice, was honest and I would hire her again.

Seller - 48 Allsop Cres, Barrie - Leila and Marcus, 2014

Absolutely Recommend! Previous client. Sue & Shelley make the perfect team. Sue's easy going calm nature can really help to settle rattled nerves & we felt we could ask as many questions without frustrating anyone. 

Buyer- Randy and Casey, from Trenton, ON 2013


  • Friendly, honest, great person all around!


Buyer- Terrance and Sarah, from Pembroke, ON 2012


  • Sue was a down to earth person who clearly understood her job. She established trust early and was very accommodating to our needs.


Buyer- Audrey and Gerry, from Tiny, ON 2012


  •  Encouraged me to look at something different than what I was focusing on.
  •  Always available to view homes, flexible and quickly responded.


Buyer- D. Clachers, from Barrie, ON

  • Professional, honest, gets to know what you are looking for, always willing to help and explain

Seller & Buyer- Josh and Lia, Poplar Cres & Lakeshore Rd, Hawkstone, ON 2013


  • Sue was honest and told us that we had a lot of work to do it wouldn't be easy, but with her expertise when the time was right everything went quick, and according to plan.


Seller- Effie and Evelyn, Coulter St, Barrie, ON 2013


  • Recommended by Bank
  • Kept us positive and informed
  • Overall very good


Seller & Buyer- Bob and Barb Walls, Clapperton St,  Barrie, ON

  • Very professional, liked the fact we could always reach Sue or she returned the call right away

Buyer- Tracy and Dale, from Ajax, ON

  • Excellent service. Very knowledgeable.

Buyer-Leila and Marcus, from Oakville, ON

  • We have had several realtors in the last 6 years and Sue offered such an amazing service that for the first time we felt 100% satisfied with using a realtor.

Buyer- Winston and Kathryn, from Toronto, ON

  • Very professional yet relaxed relationship. We were confident in Sue's ability to guide us through the process. We felt she had our best interests at heart and would work to bring about a positive outcome for us. We were amazed at how much work is involved for a real estate agent.

Buyer- C. Billington, from Brampton, ON

  • It was great working with you Sue. Thanks.

Seller & Buyer- G.Mack, from Adelaide St,  Barrie, ON

  • Friendly, thorough, accurate and prompt. Great service.

Buyer- Tony and Linda, from Toronto, ON

  • We found sue to be calm and collective in the most stressful time in our lives. Helpful and informative and returned my calls promptly

Seller- Jamie Azan and Leslie Wong,  Hawthorne cres, Barrie, ON

  • Dependable, efficient, kept us well informed, great advice offered, great service provided in general.

Buyer- Jackie and Fred, from Barrie, ON

  • Very honest and no nonsense

Buyer- Martin and Kelly, from Stratford,

  • Makes me want to buy another house!!

Buyer- Michael and Diane, from Oakville, ON

  • Helpful, timely and understanding

Seller- Malcolm and Shelley, Holgate Avenue, from Barrie,ON

  • We both felt the trust and knew we chose the perfect agent

Buyer- James and Beatty, from Midland, ON

  • Effective and Efficient

Buyer and Seller Rick and Sharla, Pickett Cres,  from Oromocto, NB.

  • Hind sight being 20/20, I would use Sue again. Thanks.

Buyer- Nancy and Ian, from Barrie, ON

  • Very positive. Sue was very professional and client service oriented made everything very easy.

Buyer- Tom and Paula, from Bracebridge, ON

  • We felt that Sue was a person of integrity and honesty. Sue is a blunt and forthright person, qualities we appreciate and like.

Seller/Buyer- D. Borsato, Black Ash St,  Barrie, ON

  • The sale and buy experience were both quick, efficient and professional.

Buyer- Chris and Tracy, from Siouxlookout, ON

  • We both found it to be a wonderful experience and appreciated the time Sue took with us.

Seller & Buyer- Shannon and Greg, Kensington St,  Innisfil, ON

  • Sue MacIntyre was awesome, very knowledgeable, honest, available, etc.

Buyer & Seller- L. Cockburn, from Bentley St, Innisfil, ON

  • Professional, courteous. Good disposition and very helpful. I particularly like Sue's no nonsense calm approach to my particular needs.

Buyer- Kevin and Gina, from Peterborough, ON

  • Very effective service. Sue is very organized and she is the most accessible agent I have ever dealt with.

Buyer- Lori and Phil, from Sussex, NB

  • Sue was a pleasure to work with. We had a very short time in which to find a house. She was extremely helpful and available.

Buyer/Seller- Trish and Dave Bradey, Silver Trail,  Barrie, ON

  • Sue MacIntyre was a great help in the search, purchase and negotiation of our home in Barrie. Sue's knowledge of the area she helped us find the best areas to search for a new home. Sue was great at communicating new property listings and accommodated every viewing request. We would recommend Sue to anyone looking to purchase in Barrie.

Buyer- Giulio and Kirsten, from Tecumseh, ON

  • You were friendly and patient. It was an enjoyable task to look at all those houses because we were very comfortable with you.

Buyer- S&C DeSousa, from Barrie, ON

  • My experience dealing with Sue was great, Sue was able to do everything we needed, as well she was available by the cell phone and email, Sue provided us with all the knowledge and tooks to close the deal on our new home.. thanks Sue for all the hard work and attention you gave us. We look forward to recommending you to family, and friends.

Buyer- P. Gallant, from Milton, ON

  • Sue's "down to earth" nature made the entire home purchase experience pleasant and worry free

Buyer & Seller- Nick and Marilyn, multiple properties in Barrie, from Oakville, ON

  • Very professional. Question answered promptly very accommodating.

Buyer- Mary Jean and Herman, from Oak Ridges, ON

  • Exceptional customer service
  • Knowledgeable and accessible

Buyer- P. Ash, from Milton, ON

  • My experience with Sue was great. He was honest, direct and always pleasant to us. She was not in any way a high pressure agent trying to influence my decision. She was supportive and understanding but also straight up and direct with all information.

Buyer- David and Terri, from Mississauga, ON

  • Our experience with Sue was wonderful, she made the whole process stress free (as possible) and we are so happy with our selection. She was also available to answer any questions we needed answered.

Buyer- Harvey and Betty, from Peterborough, ON

  • She listened and was patient when we dithered and she was punctual.

Buyer- Kevin and Mary, from Mississauga, ON

  • Our experience in dealing with Sue was fabulous. We would definitely recommend your service to others. Thank you for making our buying process and experience very smooth an pleasant.

Buyer- Soren and Nicole, from Barrie, ON

  • Sue was fantastic. She was honest, available and we found her to be extremely helpful with the booklet, opinion/advice and looking out for our best interest.

Buyer- B.Alger, from Innisfil, ON

  • Sue is an outstanding agent. She was excellent knowledge of the market, always prompt in her communication, and was clearly looking after my best interests as a buyer.

Buyer- Wayne and Kelly, from Etobicoke, ON

  • Very helpful. Especially since we are first time buyers and don't know much about the business.

Buyer- Sandra and Evan, from Toronto, ON

  • Sue was very knowledgeable, helpful and positive.

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