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Your Offer is accepted

The conditional period begins...Watch the timeline!

  • The Buyer representative will send the conditional offer and a copy of the listing to the buyers lender for approval
  • The Buyer representative will arrange the home inspection for the buyer and attend the inspection. You will receive a call from the Brokerage to confirm a date and time.
  • The Buyer will meet with their lender to discuss and layout the financing arrangement
  • The Buyers representative will deliver all waivers, amendments and notices to the Sellers representative for signatures
  • Once the conditional period has ended and you have received and signed the notices/waivers/amendments, your contract is FIRM and you have sold your property!
  • Your representative will ensure your lawyer, your bank, the buyer's representative/buyer and the Brokers head office have the paperwork including the agreement, and any attachments, waivers, notices, amendments required to process your sale.



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