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6 Orwell Cres, Barrie
65 Adelaide St, Barrie Sale
68 Raymond Cres, Barrie

4 Armstrong Blvd, Barrie
8 Chieftain Cres, Barrie
Briar Rd, Barrie

17 Laddie Ln, Springwater
1260 Gill Road, Springwater
48 Allsop cres, Barrie

81 Highcroft Road, Barrie
24 Highcroft Road, Barrie
76 Springhome Rd.

64 Kinzie Cres, Barrie
196 Little Ave.
2 Clover Ave.

15 Clover Ave.
54 Briar Rd.
28 Caroline

Mapleton Drive , Barrie
90 Garden Dr, Barrie
243 Wessenger Dr, Barrie

Coulter St

275 Greenwood, Angus
Lakeshore Drive, Oro
Eccles Street, Barrie

Codrington St

Red Oak Drive, Barrie
12 Janine, Barrie

Allandale Charm!
Hawthorne Cres, Barrie
Leslie St, Barrie

Knicely Cres, Barrie
Jones Ave, Barrie

Shakespeare Cres, Barrie
Huronwoods, Sugar Bush, Oro
Pickett Cres, Barrie

Hickling Trail, Barrie
Kensington Street, Innisfil
Austin Lane

Emms St
37 Ellen Street, Barrie

Cundles Rd
Cumming Rd

Cove Ave

Clapperton St

Adelaide St.
Burton Ave

Black Ash
Patterson Rd, Barrie

4 Armstong Blvd
59 Brucker

15 Clover Ave
221 Harvie Road
34 Hubbert

40 Monique Cres, Barrie
3 Woodfern Cres, Barrie
Trillium Cres, Barrie

St Amant, Penetang
Oren Cres, Barrie
Gallighar Cres, Midhurst

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